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Waste Recycling Baler Machine

Waste recycling baler machine is available to compact versatile recyclables such as cardboard, paper, aluminum, plastic, textiles, tires, fiber and wood shavings into blocks. These blocks vary in different size and weight which depends on the compressing chamber size and hydraulic force of the baler. Waste recycling balers can be in vertical or horizontal baler. Also waste recycling baler can be manual, semi-auto or fully automatic baler. There are many industries which need recycling balers. For example, agriculture, retail, plastic products manufacturing, paper manufacturing, restaurants, shipping companies, and waste recycling centers etc.

Why waste recycling baler is so popular in waste recycling world?

The baling materials may be recyclable and may be not recyclable. But compacting materials to dense bales is really a good solution to reduce the volume. If it cannot be recycled or reused, it still can reduce the landfill space. If your storage space is limited, compressing is also a good option.

Waste disposal sometimes costs a big amount of money. Waste recycling balers can help to save disposal cost and may earn money from recycling or selling recyclable materials.

Dense bales also increase the convenience in material handling, storing and transporting since they take much less space. Take plastic bottles, metal drums and waste tires for example, all of these materials occupy too much space and it is not easy to move them from one place to another place. Also compacted bales can be fit in a truck or container easier. Tighter bales are the better choice since they can save more cost in transportation and storage.

Waste recycling baler machines in SINOBALER

There are many different kinds of waste recycling balers in SINOBALER product line. Each of them have the capacity to match different individual baling requirements. Just send us your own baling requirement, let our team help you to choose the best baler type and model to fit your needs.

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