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Waste Tires Compacting Machine

Waste tires, also called scrap tires, are generated in large quantity daily in every city and every country. The majority of them are passenger tires, while the rest are mainly truck tires. How to dispose these waste tires? There are quite a few different ways to turn waste tires into good value. Then waste tires compacting machine, shredder, granulator and other recycling machines are important and efficient to whole waste tire recycling.

The application of waste tires

Due to its advantages of water-proof, high strength, aging resistant, and shock-absorbent, waste tires can be available as building material after being compacted/compressed into blocks/bales. Many people or facilities use tire bales to build shock-absorbent walls or fender walls. And some use it to build garden fences. Besides, scrap tires can be used for refining oil. After systematic recycling processes, scrap tires can also be converted into raw rubber material which is used for producing new rubber products. Moreover, waste tires after being granulated and dyed can be used as paving material for runways, playgrounds, paths, etc. .

Why you need a waste tires compacting machine?

A compacting machine is also popular as a baling machine. It plays a significant role among the processes of reusing or recycling scrap tires. No matter the scrap tires are used for making construction material or for converting into rubber powder or rubber granules, a tire baler is required. A waste tires compacting machine is a large force hydraulic machine which is for compacting scrap tires into neat and dense tire bales. The dense bales after being tied by specialized inter-locking steel wire will be very firm and unbreakable even after dozens of years.

Attributed to its high strength and firmness, tire bales therefore can act as a reliable construction material. On the other hand, to convert waste tires into rubber powder or granules, a waste tire compacting machine is also a very necessary machine at the initial step. Because it can dramatically reduce the volume of bulk tires before being transported into recycling plant or material converting plant. Without the baling/compacting process by the waste tires compacting machine, the transportation cost and storage cost will be horribly high. Then it will make tire recycling not profitable.

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