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Waste Tissue Paper Baler Machine

Tissue paper is a lightweight paper. The recycled paper pulp is the main source material of tissue paper. Every day we have so many waste tissue paper. How to recycle them in an efficient and cost effective way? Then waste tissue paper baler machine is a good solution.


The types of tissue paper

Tissue paper normally is biodegradable because it is made from wood. Toilet tissue, paper towels, facial tissue, table napkins and wrapping tissue are all tissue paper.


Why you need a waste tissue paper baler?

The large amount of tissue paper waste occupy a lot of space. If we can reduce the size of these tissue paper and pack them in dense bales, it really saves a lot of space and money in transportation. This is why you need a waste tissue paper baler machine.


Waste tissue paper baler machine in SINOBALER

Yes, we already know the function of waste tissue paper baler machine. But how to choose a right tissue paper baler? SINOBALER has several type of tissue paper balers in product range. If your tissue paper waste is not much, vertical mill size baler is the ideal option. Otherwise, you should choose our horizontal tissue paper balers. Both manual tie horizontal baler and fully automatic horizontal baler are ideal to compress tissue paper into tight bales.

When you choosing a large horizontal baler, some options should be considered for better baler working. For example, for some regions with high temperature, having a cooling system is much better especially the machine is to run continuously for 8 hours. Normally air cooling is preferable as it is neat and compact. If the materials are fed into the baler by air duct, we believe the materials are already in small piece sizes. So you do not need to add a fluffer in this case.


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