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Waste Trim Baler Machine / Trim Waste Baler

People create many different kind of waste trims every day. How to recycle these waste trims for reuse or proper disposal? Hence many waste recycling machines are helpful in whole process. Waste trim baler machine is one of the most important and popular machines.


What is the type of waste trims?

Waste trims can be in different materials. Below are some major ones for your easy reference:

  1. – Paper trims include paper waste trims and cardboard trims like tetra pak trim.
  2. – Plastic trims include PET trims, PE trims, HDPE trims, PP trims and plastic film trims etc.
  3. – Wood trims include veneer trims and laminate trims etc.
  4. – Textile trims include carpet trims, non-woven trims and fiber trims etc.
  5. – Metal trims include aluminum trim.


Waste trim recycling and waste trim baler machine

Many waste trims are good recyclable materials. They can be recycled and reused to make new products. Hence waste trim recycling makes great sense to environment and natural resource. Waste trim baler machine is ideal to compress these waste trims into tight bale for easy transportation and space cost saving.


Waste trim baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBAELR has a complete line of waste trim baler machines for different materials. For better baling of different materials, we design the waste trim baler for each material to make sure the designed structure is more suitable. For example, lifting chamber baler is ideal to bale textile trim waste while mill size baler is more suitable to bale cardboard trim waste. Long stroke baler is especially ideal to compress hollow plastic trims. Space limited location like ship prefers to use mini baler. So it is also popular as marine baler. Heavy duty tire baler is especially to compress high rebound materials like car tires or truck tires. Fully automatic horizontal baler is used in large amount of waste trims baling purpose.


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