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Waste Tyre Baler For Sale

Waste tyre recycling aims to recycle scrap tyres into valuable materials like rubber powder or rubber pellets, and nylon fiber etc. Since waste tyres really occupy large space and it is very difficult to move due to its high rebound nature. So it is quite necessary to use a waste tyre baler for sale to collect and compress these tyres for easy transportation or movement.


Case study for waste tyre baler for sale

SINOBALER always receives different kind of tyre baling requirements. Our professional team needs to analyze them case by case. Different tyres scrap needs different power of tyre baling machine.

For example, a customer needs a tyre baling machine for 30% commercial truck tyres and 70% car and light truck tyres. Bale weight is around 1 ton. He wants to load tyres as much as possible in a 40 foot container.

Our model SVB2-TB-1000 can meet the baling need of 70% car tyres and 30% truck tyres. Bale weight of this model machine can reach 1 ton for no problem. Also the standard bale size for this model is very suitable for container’s maximum loading. So it is not a problem if you want to load more than 27 tons of tyres in a 40′ HC. This model has standard version and optimized version for options. So it is better to know how many tons of tyres need to handled per day. If the quantity is small, the standard version is sufficient. If the budget is enough, the better choice is the big model SVB2-TB-1500. Because this big model is much easier to load the truck tyres and also more efficient.


Waste tyre baler for sale in SINOBALER

Tyre baler can be one of the most difficult vertical baler for manufacturing because tyre is a high rebounding material and also it has big size. Even more than 10 years’ manufacturing experience baler manufacturer also has big problem to produce a reliable tyre baler. SINOBALER waste tyre baler for sale is our patented and mature baler product. Now we have two models SVB2-TB-1000 and SVB2-TB-1500 for options. Just send us your own tyre baling requirements. Our professional baler team will recommend the most suitable tyre baler for you within 24 working hours.


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