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What metal scrap can be recycled?

In our daily life, we can find metal scraps everywhere, from food containers to beverage cans, from door/window profiles to kitchen wares. Do you know what metal scrap can be recycled?

What metal scrap can be recycled?

You can recycle most of these metal scraps instead of throwing them away. Aluminum and steel are the two most typical metal for recycling. Except for them, recycling facilities/recycling centers can also accept some other metals as well such as copper, zinc, etc.

Aluminum is one of the most popular metals in recycling field. As for the source of recyclable aluminum, maybe pop-top cans/beverage cans are the products that people can most easily recognize. The aluminum foil inside the cans is also acceptable by some recycling facilities. Some household wares such as pot & pans, clothes rack, flashlight casing, electric cooker casing; aluminum door, aluminum window, aluminum ceilings; car, train and plane parts; electronic products parts, all these products are composed of aluminum material.

Steel is another metal type that is very popular with recycling facilities. Tin cans are one of the recyclable steel products that you can easily collect daily. Some building material, goods shelf, oil drum, car parts, machines containing steel components or made of steel, so on and so forth.

Metal can be classified as ferrous metal and nonferrous metal. Ferrous metal means the material contains iron. The easiest way to distinguish if it is a ferrous metal is to use magnet. Ferrous material is magnetic while nonferrous material is not. Nonferrous metal includes numerous types, such as aluminum, lead, nickel, zinc, etc.

Metal scrap baler in metal scrap recycling

Recycling metal brings you good revenue, but to reduce your recycling cost, it is suggested to use a baler to reduce the size first as it can greatly save your transportation and storage cost. Non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal require two different types of baling machines. To choose a most suitable baler for your metal recycling project, experts from Sinobaler Machinery can help you, and you can also contact Sinobaler at or +86 574 87305555.

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