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Wheat Straw Baler – Good Help in Straw Collection and Recycling

Wheat straw is a product of agriculture, which is an actually dry plant of a wheat tree. Every year people let the grains and stalks left on the field. After drying the plants the cereal plants used for making of fuel, basket, cow shed and last but not the least as a food of livestock. When the straws are ready to cut and bind, it sent to straw bale. With the help of wheat straw baler, it got stored and bound with yarn and wire. Without baler this job is quite impossible for farmers. According to straw, baler stalks bind in different shape like round, rectangular, square etc.

Mechanism of wheat straw baler:

A straw baler can be in different shape. User selects the right one from them according to its use. In compare to bulk machines domestic machines are small in size and they have manual feeder. Users have to feed the machine manually through banker and small spare parts and in terms of bulk machine they need hydraulic tractor and additional baler mover to operate the wheat straw baler. But in general, their mechanisms are same containing feeding window, bar stocks, roller, motor, welder etc. Straws are collect through the window, cut into the machine with help of knife then motor helps to bind the whole straws in the ideal size. Finally, the binding straws are released by the window. The height of window fixed to near about 4 feet so that bundle can be release to field easily without breaking.

Advantages of straw baler:

  • – Time saver: The purpose to invent any machine always has a basic reason that is to lower muscle power. This need was felt years ago when population increases and so the supply of food and livestock had to increase parallel. Here an invention must introduce to complete a huge job in short time so that farmer can further start agricultural jobs. So, wheat straw baler machine is really helpful to save time.
  • – Storage: the unique storage capacity of a machine can help to protect the straws from rain, snowfalls and other climates. This is also useful to bind huge hay or straws in minimum size. So the transportation can be easy.
  • – Act against muscle power: a baler machine can complete hundred no of muscle power job by itself. As because it is a machine, so there is no chance of incorrect work.
  • – Different shaped binding: according to baler’s roller design, the machine is able to bind the straws in the round, square and in a rectangular shape. This job is quite impossible to maintain by manually.

Though wheat straw baler machine was using from very early years but it being more famous after indulging advance technology in it. Presently this baling machine can be available in all countries. So if you are in search of such baling press machine, come and discuss your needs and take the right one for you. Be successful and stress-free with the help of that machine. You may rely more on a baler than manpower.


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