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Which Cardboard can be Recycled? / Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard recycling is the reuse or reprocess of the used thick sheets or paper. You should know well about which cardboard can be recycled before recycling.

What types does cardboard have?

Cardboard is very widely used, and it can be seen everywhere of our daily life. It is classified as packaging cardboard and non-packaging cardboard. Graphic cardboard, solid cardboard(carton board) and corrugated cardboard belong to packaging cardboard range. For corrugated cardboard, it can be further categorized as single face board, single wall board, double wall board and triple wall board. Hence, cardboard is not an easy topic as what people think.

Can all waste cardboard be recycled?

Cardboard recycling is worldwide prevailing, but not all cardboard can be recycled. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA which is one of America’s most controversial government agencies) Statistics indicates that only 77% cardboard can be recycled.

Which cardboard can be recycled?

Most of cardboard are recyclable. Below are some examples about non-recyclable cardboard:

1. Food boxes and other food containers are often contaminated with grease and it is useless for recycling. For example, pizza boxes.
2. Cardboard containers that are coated with wax or other substances that can enhance their strength when getting wet. These cardboard usually cannot be recycled either. For example, juice containers, milk cartons, etc
3. If cardboard gets wet, some waste collectors also refuse it for recycling.

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