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Which Plastics can be Recycled? / Plastic Recycling

Plastics is one of the most important or popular component of numerous consumer products. It can be classified as PET ( polyethylene terephthalate ) , HDPE ( high-density polyethylene ) , PVC ( polyvinyl chloride ) , LDPE ( low-density polyethylene ) , PP ( polypropylene ) , PS ( polystyrene ) and more. Plastic Recycling not only saves space for landfill, but also can generate great benefit as waste plastic after recycling can be turned into raw material again for making various plastic product. So it is quite important to know which plastics can be recycled and how to recycle plastics.

Which plastics can be recycled?

PET products and HDPE products are very commonly and widely recycled. PVC is not often recycled and can be harmful if being ingested. LDPE is not commonly recycled, but it is recyclable in certain areas. PP can be recycled but is not as commonly as PET or HDPE in recycling. PS can be recycled but it takes a lot of energy during recycling, so few places can accept it.

What a baler contribute in the whole recycling cycle of PET plastic or HDPE?

PET is widely used to make various household products such as beverage bottles, medicine jars, peanut butter jars, combs, bean bags and rope etc. HDPE plastics includes containers for milk, motor oil, shampoos and conditioners, soap bottles, detergents and bleaches etc. In every day of our life, it generates large volume of PET and HDPE waste, thus proper recycling of such plastic material becomes extremely important due to its considerable contribution in resource saving and environment protection.

SINOBALER, as an leading waste reduction pioneer, builds Long Stroke Baler which is particularly designed for plastics recycling. Long stroke is for efficient and full compaction of every hollow plastics in the bale. Chain bale ejector is for easy and efficient bale ejecting with the lifting up of the chain. Liquid drainage channel is for draining residual liquid in the containers out of the baler to keep the recycling area neater and safer. SVBB2-300, SVBB2-400,SVBB2-500 and SVBB2-700 are popular plastics baler models for your choice. They can have PET bottle bale weight ranging from 35-350kg for different baling requirements. The baled plastics is very easy for transportation and storage, thus greatly saving recycling cost.

Recycled PET can be used to make tote bags, carpet, fiberfill material in winter clothing etc, while Recycled HDPE can be used to make plastic crates, plastic lumber, fencing etc.

Start recycling for your plastic waste now! SINOBALER is always here to provide any technical support and consultation.

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