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Who uses a baler?

A proper baling machine can help increase a company’s recyclables revenue, and can produce a positive ROI within a fairly short timeframe.  You may ask: “what type of company needs a baler?”. Let me give you some examples:

  •   • Shopping malls, retail stores, grocery stores, and even marine vessels, need baling presses to help them compact packaging material or recyclable waste such as cartons, cardboard, and plastic film into small and manageable size so that they can be stored easily before selling it off to recycling plant;
  •  • Chemical companies need drum crushers to flatten barrel such as 58-gallon size drum into just 10cm flat “cake” so that they can reduce storage space before transporting it to a steel mill for recycling;
  • • Farms need baling machines to compress straw into high density bales for easy transportation before selling it as animal bedding, or use it for fuel and power generation;
  • • An MRF (material recovery facility) certainly needs heavy duty hydraulic baling presses to compact various sorted materials into neat and dense bales so as to achieve maximum container load before shipping it to secondary material processors throughout the world; and the list goes on and on.

In short, baling machines are popular with manufacturers and various commercial industries because they provide an ideal waste recycling solution in regards to the disposal of recyclable waste.