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Wide Mouth Baler Machine

What is a baler machine? 

A baler machine is a piece of equipment that compresses loose materials into compact block. The compressed block get further strapped up to maintain its shape. We call such regularly shaped, compacted and strapped blocks bales. It is easy to store and moves around the bales, greatly facilitating storage and logistics processes. Based on the compression’s direction, there are vertical balers and horizontal balers. Vertical baling press are front loaded and compress materials vertically from top to down, whilst horizontal balers are top loaded and compress scrap materials from the side horizontally. A wide mouth baler normally is a horizontal type baler.

What are the benefits of wide mouth baler? 

Baler machines come in various different sizes from small to big. The baling material isn’t always perfect or in small size. Sometimes it can be quite bulky in size, such as large corrugated cardboard boxes used for packing refrigerators, flattened OCC, waste mattress etc. With such baling cases, a baler machine with wide mouth definitely helps. Wide mouth feed opening prevents jamming and reduces “bridging” problems. It makes feeding the bulky item into the baler machine much easier and more convenient. Not only for bulky items, even if you are baling small to medium sized materials, a wide mouth baler can also help you expediting the feeding speed because there is simply more room. And as a result, it promotes the overall baling efficiency as well.

Buying wide mouth baler from SINOBALER

SINOBALER provides various wide mouth balers for handling all sorts of waste material including cardboard, paper, plastic, tyres and more. We cover the full range of vertical and horizontal balers. If you are looking for a wide mouth baler for your business, contact us for the optimal baling solution for your needs. 

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