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Wiper Bagger Machine

Wiper bagger machine is a combination of wiper baling and bagging functions. So it is also popular as wiper baling and bagging machine. This kind of machine has two cylinders which are for material compression and bale ejection separately. The compressing cylinder pushes materials to the compressing chamber for compacting, while ejecting cylinder pushes the compact bales out to the bale exit. Then you can put a plastic bag or woven bag at the bale exit for bagging purpose.

Two solutions for weighing function in wiper bagger machine

Wiper bagger machine can extend to have a weighing function. Normally you have two choices to add the weighing system. One is to add an in-built scale besides the material feed opening, while the other is to group weighing system together with conveyor. Both solutions are workable to have a desired weight bale. The main difference is the efficiency, cost and installation place size.

If you do not have many wipers for baling, one scale weighing horizontal baling and bagging baler is enough to complete whole process from weighing, compressing, ejecting to final bagging. That means worker need to collect wipers on the scale until it reaches desired weight. Then worker need to push materials from scale to chamber for compressing. During the compressing, worker has time to put a bag at the bale exit. When bale is pushed out at the exit, bagging can be completed at the same time.

However, if you have large amount of wipers waiting for baling and bagging, a conveyor with scale function is quite necessary to promote the material feeding efficiency as well as whole process efficiency. So worker only need to put material at the scale section conveyor and move the belt after loading desired weight wipers. Also worker put a bag at bale exit to finish the bagging because bale will be ejected out. In this way, if one worker is responsible for material feeding and the other worker is responsible for bagging wiper, the whole process is quite efficient because both workers are always busy with their work and there is no time waste for compressing or others.

Also heat sealing machine can be helpful at the bale exit for perfect close of a bag.

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