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Wiper Press Bagging Machine

Wiper press bagging machine is a popular textile packing machine. There are different type of wiper bagging presses in the market. Different bag size, capacity and automation level decide the final machine price and structure. You can also equip a material feeding system like conveyor for easy and efficient feeding.


What is a wiper press bagging machine?

Wiper press bagging machine is a textile packing machine which can compact textile waste into a dense bale and bale can be bagged into a plastic bag or some other similar bag at the bale exit. You can also put a bag over the channel. Or an automatic form-fill-seal wrapping system can be there to form a bag from a roll of foil, fills the bag and seals all sides to obtain a good rectangular bag.


Wiper press bagging machine applications

This baling and bagging machine is very suitable for the packing  of textile waste like rags and used clothes. Also it is quite suitable for baling and bagging some small and loose materials like wood shavings, sawdust and rice husks. This machine can compact these materials into a bag.


Wiper press bagging machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has three type of wiper press bagging machines. Scale weighing baling and bagging machine, vertical baling and bagging machine and heavy duty horizontal baling and bagging machine are all available for wiper baling and bagging purpose. The scale weight function can keep your bales have same weight. It is quite helpful for bale selling. You can have desired bale weight like 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 12kg, 15kg or 25kg. The moving wheels can help to move the machine easily. For efficient material feeding, you can add a feeding system for easy work. If you want, you can add a bag sealing machine at the bale exit for automatic bag sealing. The capacity of the machine depends on the bag size and weight you want to achieve.

So please send us your unique baling and bagging requirements, our professional sales and engineering team will recommend or tailor the most suitable wiper press bagging machine for you.


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