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Wire Tie Baler / Steel Wire Baler Machine / Plastic Wire Baling Machine

Baler machine is not a new machine to the waste recycling world. It is a compressing machine to compact loose materials into tight bales for easy transportation and storage purpose. Normally final bales are in three status. First is bale tied by steel wire or plastic wire. So you can call this kind of baler as wire tie baler. Second is plastic wrapping bales. Third is without packing and bales are in hard blocks. This kind of baler you can call briquetting baler.


Wire tie baler machine introduction

Wire tie baler machine can be either steel wire baler or plastic strapping baler. Steel wire baler is normally for some heavy duty baler like tire baler. Or it is for medium or large horizontal baler like manual-tie horizontal baler and fully automatic baler. These bales are heavy or big. Plastic strapping baler is normally for vertical balers and some horizontal balers. For example, mini baler, long stroke baler, lifting chamber baler or mill size baler are all plastic strapping baler machines. Of course, there is some baler like SINOBALER two-ram automatic baler can be available for both steel wire and plastic strapping.


Wire tie baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has many different kind of wire tie baler machines for wide applications. Take cardboard and paper baling for example, you can choose mill size baler for plastic strapping. Or you can choose fully automatic baler for steel wire strapping. If you prefer both strapping materials, our two-ram fully automatic baler is your ideal option. Take hollow plastic containers like PET bottles baling for example, you can choose long stoke baler for plastic strapping. Or you can choose fully automatic baler for steel wire strapping. But for some special material like waste tires, steel wire is preferable. Our tire baler is heavy duty two ram baler and it is only for steel wire strapping because tire is a high rebound material. Contact SINOBALER for your preferable wire tie baler machines now. View shredders here.