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Wood Chip Compactor / Wood Chip Compacting Machine

Wood chip is the solid article from the cutting or chipping of the wood and it has many usages. For example, it is a good source for making animal bedding. Also it is a good material to make landscape mulch. Due to its small and loose nature, the compressing is necessary to reduce the space they take up. Hence wood chip compactor is really a good solution.


Why you need a wood chip compactor?

Since wood chip is in loose and small article status, wood chip compactor is a good solution to compress wood chips into dense bales. The wood chip bales are easy to sell, store and transport. It greatly reduce the wood chip space and maximize the usage because insufficient storage can get material wet. Wood chip compactor can tailor the bale size and bale weight to better suit the actual baling requirements. If your baling output is large, you can add a feeding and sealing system for automatic feeding, baling and bagging in one system. If you want to make equal weight wood chip bales, you can have a scale weighing function in wood chip compactor. So you can see the benefits from wood chip compactor.


Wood chip compactors in SINOBALER

SINOBALER manufactures three type of wood chip compactors. Each type of wood chip compactors has several standard bale model for option. We also can tailor the wood chip compacting machine based on our customer’s individual requirements. For example, some customer plans to make portable shelters for homeless cats out of styrofoam. Inside the foam shelter will be animal bedding which is made of cedar wood chips cut into small pieces. He plans to ship the portable shelters to customers to include a small wrapped wood chip bales with similar weight. In this case, our scale weighing baling and bagging machine is the ideal option. The scale weighing function can help to make equal weight of the wood chip bales. After compressing, plastic bag can be ready for wrapping at the bale exit. Also this wood chip compacting machine is only a small investment but it does a lot to the business.


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