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Wood Shaving Baler Machine

What is wood shaving baler?
Wood shaving baler normally refers to bagging type baler. This type of baler has two chambers and two cylinders. One chamber is for compressing the material into block. And the other chamber and cylinder is for ejecting the blocks out. To well hold the blocks from breaking off, we use a bag to pack the bales. Such bagging balers have many options in terms of pressure and bale size. And what configuration to choose depends on each project. For example, the handling volume, requirement on bale size and weight, etc.. Wood shavings are soft and fluffy material, so easy to press. Pressure force can range from 5T to 80T.

What are the applications of wood shaving baler?
Wood shavings are soft and water absorbing. Hence it is very good animal bedding material. Also because of its flammability feature, people use it to make fuel. Therefore, animal bedding plants usually have wood shaving baler. They compress the wood shavings into dense blocks. And they place the block on pallets for transporting to their buyers. The compact bales make the transporation very cost effective. Also, many engery plants have such bagging balers. They compact the loose shavings into briquet. And they then burn these briquetts in furnance to generate energy.

How to choose a reliable wood shaving baler?
You need to pay attention to a few aspects. Firsty, please make sure the welding of the machine is done smootly and strongly. Secondly, please check he components to make sure they are of good brand. Thirdly, please check the hydraulic configuration to ensure enough capacity. Fourthly, please check with the referece customers of the baler supplier. Sinobaler is a leading baler manufactuer in China.

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