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Shavings Bagger For Sale

Shavings bagger is also popular as shavings bagger, shavings bagging machine, and shavings baler. There are many different kind of shavings bagger for sale in the market. Wood shavings bagger, wood chips bagger, rags bagger, sawdust bagger or rice husk bagger are the most popular machines. This kind of machine is ideal for small and loose materials’ packing purpose.


How to choose a right shavings bagger for sale in the market?

Some necessary information or baling requirements should be collected before send an inquiry to shavings bagger manufacturer. Below are some main items for your easy reference:

  1. – You should define what kind of materials you are going to bale. Shavings bagger for sale is suitable for baling and bagging rags, wood shavings or wood chips, sawdust, rice husk or rice hull, chopped straw or hay etc.
  2. – You should know the approx moisture rate of your materials.
  3. – You should know the approx density of your materials before baling.
  4. – Tell the shaving bagger manufacturer your requirement about ideal bale size and bale weight.
  5. – You should know how many kilos of the materials you would like to bale per day under for example 8 working hours.


Shavings bagger for sale in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has three kind of shavings bagger for sale in our product range. They are vertical baling and bagging machine, scale weighing baling and bagging machine, and heavy duty baling and bagging machine.

Take heavy duty bagger for example. This baler is PLC controlled, you can choose from Auto/Manual operation mode. You can also select different compression times to achieve higher bale density with heavier bales. With our standard baler, there is sensor on hopper, when the sensor detects the hopper is full, then it will send a signal to machine for starting compression and ejection automatically. In this way, the bale weight is according to the volume. Generally speaking, as long as your raw material’s bulk density (the density before compression) is consistent, then the bale weight and bale size with our standard baler will be roughly the same each time. On the control panel of this machine, there is a selection switch of 1/2/3 which is for choosing compression times. With more compression times, the more materials are fed into baler and get compressed, the heavier bale you can get.


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