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Wool Press Machine For Sale

Wool has a good market and of course sale of wool is popular in the worldwide. As you know original wool is in loose status and not easy for direct sale, transportation and storage. So wool bale is the best solution. Of course wool press machine for sale is the right machine to compress wool into a dense bale.


Wool press machine for sale

Wool press machine can be manual, electric or hydraulic. Hydraulic wool presses are the most popular ones. Because this wool baler is with sufficient strength to bale wool into dense bales for easy transportation and storage. The wool bales are normally in a standard size and weight. And they can keep wool uncontaminated and readily identifiable.

Wool press machine can deliver a high compression ratio like 15:1. So it greatly reduce the wool size for easy handling. Wool bale size as well as bale weight can be customized based on individual requirements. So different wool presses have different machine features and baling output to achieve the best wool baling purpose.


Wool press machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of hydraulic wool presses in product range. From vertical wool baler to horizontal wool baler, you can always find a suitable wool baling press machine for your own needs. Below are some typical wool baling press for your easy reference:

Lifting chamber baler is very suitable for wool press and wool packing. You can get a packed wool bale directly from this machine. For more efficient solution, our swivel twin lifting chamber baler is your ideal solution. Because it can achieve baling and feeding at the same time which save a lot in labor cost.

Heavy duty vertical baler is in a vertical press and can compress wool in very dense bales. But it cannot pack it into a bag. You need strapping material to strap the bale after compressing.

Heavy duty baling and bagging machine is a horizontal press force machine. You can have a bag at the bale exit and get a wool bale after compressing and bag packing.

If your wool baling output is big or huge, our manual tie horizontal baler or even fully automatic horizontal baler is waiting to service you. Contact SINOBALER and our professional engineering team will respond your questions within 24 hours. View wool shredders.