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Wool Yarns Baler Machine

What are wool yarns?
Wool yarns are single twisted yarns that are made of wool and very fluffy. A wool yarns baler can greatly help reduce the volume. There are more than ten kinds of wool yarns. The most common kinds are very fine, medium fine, medium thick, and high thick. The extra fine is one of the finest knitting yarns with the characteristics of light and soft. It is the most suitable material for knitting baby sweaters or women’s coat. Medium fine is the most commonly used wool yarns. We can use it to make clothing for babies, children, etc. . The pattern of this kind of wool always delicate and elegant. For the medium thick, we normally use it to make cold-proof clothing. In the meanwhile, the high thick wool can make the most warmest clothing.

What is wool yarns baler?
Wool yarns baler is a very popular machine in both the textile industry and recycling industry. Generally speaking, it is the kind of baler machine for pressing and packing wool yarns. The most common used wool yarns baler is vertical type. Vertical type of baler always requires manual operation. The processes like feeding the yarns into the machine, tying the bales, etc. are manual.

Why we need wool yarns baler?
As mentioned earlier,we can a baler in both textile industry and recycling industry. In textile industry, after we finish the production of wool yarns, we need to store them or transfer them to other plants for further processing. Then it comes to the issues of how to store and transport the finished wool yarns in an efficiency way. By baling the yarn before storing and transporting, it can help save both the space and cost. Similarly, in the recycling industry, it is almost the same. When we handle the waste wool yarns, we also meet the same problem of efficient storage and transportation.

Rather than for that, another big advantage of wool yarns baler is that it allows us to use the plastic bags to wrap the bales. We can pack the bales with plastic bags firstly and then use the strapping material like PET straps to tie the bales. As we all know that, in textile industry, we need to store and transfer the brand new wool yarns. Coverng the bales with plastic bags can keep them clean and dry. In recycling business, covering the waste wool yarns with plastic bags can help us protect them from polluting by other waste.

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