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Woven Bag Baler Machine

Woven bag hereby refers to polypropylene (PP) woven bag. PP woven bags are widely applied in our daily life as well as in many industries due to their high strength, reliability, light-weight, and quick-dried characteristics. For waste PP woven bags, you can either reuse them or recycle them. If the bags are not much worn, definitely reusing is good choice. However, if the bags are much worn, putting them into recycling processes could be the most beneficial choice. Before recycling, it is a must to collect the waste bags and reduce their volume by using a woven bag baler. 

What benefit does a woven bag baler bring to the recycling of woven bags? 

Woven bags are light and fluffy products, and they occupy a lot of space if not reducing the size. Recycling of PP woven bags won’t be beneficial if delivering the bags to the recycling plants without compacting them, because the transportation cost will be horribly high. A woven bag baler plays a vital role in the pre-recycling process for woven bags. With the help of a woven bag baling machine, the fluffy bags are compacted into dense and neat bales with more than 10:1 compaction ratio. Attributed to such high compaction ratio, recyclers can save a lot on the transport cost as well as storage cost. In addition, it is much easier and more efficient to handle bales during loading and discharging rather than handling the numerous single bags.

How to choose a proper woven bag baler? 

Firstly, woven bags are soft and easy to be compressed, so it doesn’t require high pressure force baler. 10-30T pressure force normally is sufficient. 

Secondly, woven bags are fluffy and normally in quite big volume. The compression chamber size of the woven bag baler is better not to be too small. We suggest bigger than W800mm x D600mm, otherwise efficiency will be quite low.

Thirdly, woven bags after compressing can easily spring back, so it is better to build retainer claws on inter walls of the woven bag baler so as to prevent the compressed material from springing back. Sinobaler has a wide selection of woven bag balers. For more details, please visit our website 

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