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Woven Sacks Baler Machine / Sacks Baling Machine

Woven sacks or woven bags can be laminated or unlaminated. They are bags or sacks consisting of one or more piles of fabric consisting of woven polypropylene strip. These polypropylene or HDPE woven sacks or bags are commonly used for packing of a wide variety of products, which includes chemicals, fertilizers, cement, urea, minerals, resin, polymers, rubber, flour, grain, seeds, spices, pulses, dates, agro products, fish meal, cattle feed, sugar, salt, sand, metal parts, concrete elements, fruits, vegetables, mails, letters and documents etc.  So you can image there are large amount of scrap woven sacks created every day. Hence woven sacks baler machine or sacks baling machine is a great help in the storage and transportation during the whole woven sacks recycling.

The proper disposal of these woven sacks waste is quite important to the environment. As a result, woven sacks recycling will be the best way to protect environment and save natural resource in the earth.


Woven sacks baler machine in SINOBALER

There are several types of woven sacks baler machines in SINOBALER for options. Woven sacks vertical baler is ideal for handling small amount of woven sacks or bags baling purpose. Manual-tie sacks horizontal baler is more suitable for medium scale woven sacks compacting purpose. When large scale amount of woven sacks or woven bags have compressing requirements, single-ram fully automatic horizontal baler and two-ram fully automatic horizontal baler are more efficient.

In conclusion, woven sacks baler or sacks baling machine can greatly help sacks or bags dealers or recyclers to save storage and transportation cost by significantly reducing the material volume. Because the compacting ratio can reach to about 15:1 of the volume. Our woven sacks baling machines are easy and safe to operate, low in maintenance. Bale size and weight can be tailored based on your materials and individual requirements. Contact SINOBALER now to choose the most suitable woven sacks baler machine.


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