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Animal Fiber Baling Press ( Wool Baler, Rabbit Fur Balers )

Animal fiber is a kind of natural fiber, which mainly consists of particular proteins. Silk, hair, fur (including wool) and feathers are some commonly seen animal fibers. They are widely used in textile industry for stuffing and weaving material or directly applied on garment. A common characteristic of basically all animal fibers is that they are fluffy. Therefore, in order to save storage space and transportation cost, a baling machine is quite necessary to reduce the volume and compress these fluffy materials into dense, manageable bales.

Since these raw materials are to be applied in textile and garment industry, it is important to keep them clean during the storage and transportation process. Hence when choosing a baler, you should firstly consider one that can enable you to wrap up the bale conveniently. Bale wrapping effectively prevents the material from getting stained or damp.

SINOBALER’s lifting chamber baler SVBT2-L1 series and swivel twin chamber baler SVBT2-L2 series are good options for baling animal fiber. Both series allow easy bale wrapping and have retainer claws. The SVBT2-L1 series is with lifting chamber design.  Simply press a button and the chamber will be lifted automatically before bale wrapping and strapping. There are totally 6 standard models with different sizes and capacities available for you to choose. As for the SVBT2-L2 series, this robustly built machine has a dual chamber design, which allows baling and feeding to be carried out synchronously. When one chamber is compressing, the other chamber is always ready to be loaded. This bi-task ability greatly increases the work efficiency. However, if either of the standard models cannot well meet your specific baling needs, we can also customized a machine based on your requirement.

SINOBALER can help you select a machine best meet your needs. Below are some technical specifications and information of suitable balers for you to peruse. If you have any questions, simply Contact us, and we’ll do our best to provide a solution to your animal fiber baling needs.

A lifting chamber baler machine (sometimes called used clothes baler, clothing baler, textile baler) is specifically built to meet the baling demands of the textile waste recycling industry. It is an ideal baling press choice for almost any textile manufacturer, used clothes recycling, second-hand clothing stores / dealers, clothing exporters, and wiping rag graders. The lifting chamber balers are unique in that they are very simple to operate – the lifting chamber makes tying and wrapping bales simpler, and make ejection easier as well. All you need to do is press a[..]

The Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler is with the most advanced and most up-to-date design among Sinobaler textile baler or used clothes baler range, namely Lifting Chamber Baler, Chamber Opening Baler, Swivel Twin Baler or Twin Box baler. This lifting twin chamber baler machine is structured with two baling chambers which are attached to a central pivot. One chamber is used for loading and the other is for baling (pressing and strapping). Attributed to such twin chamber structure, material loading and baling are carried out synchronously, and this bi-task ability greatly[..]

Scale weighing horizontal bagging baler is widely used in pet food factories, animal bedding material factories, textile recycling facilities, rag bale exporters, plant fertilizer factories, farms and any other facility that produces a large amount of loose waste material in small pieces. Some facilities even resell the bagged waste material to generate considerable value. The Horizontal Baling & Bagging Machine with a stored-program controller PLC, one button operation and sensor switch on hopper, can produce and pack bales in plastic or woven bags in a matter of[..]

One of the main uses for a horizontal baling and bagging machine is the baling of loose materials. Truthfully, when you have waste like sawdust, wood chips, rags, peanut shells, rice hulls, cotton seeds, and similar, disposing of / recycling these materials is difficult. A horizontal bagging baler makes sense, because it can automatically feed, bale, compact, and bag these materials for easy storage / transport / recycling. Some facilities even resell the bagged waste materials. Sinobaler’s Horizontal Baling & Bagging Machine features a stored-program controller PLC,[..]

Sinobaler’s multi purpose baling machine (also known as Mini Baler) is one of the most versatile vertical balers in our baling press machine collection. Configured with top protection level of electrical components and coating, Sinobaler mini baling machines are not only ideal for on-land use ( facilities like malls, retail stores, hotels, grocery stores, offices, hospital, houses ) but also very suitable for using on vessels (known as Marine Baler because of its small footprint and small height which is perfect for locations with height and space limitations). Sinobaler[..]

The standard mill size baler machines, one of Sinobaler’s most popular down stroke balers, are standalone vertical baling machines which are put to great use in the disposal of cardboard/carton (also known as cardboard baler or carton baler ), ideal for waste recycling facilities, cardboard/paper manufacturing units, supermarkets, department stores, grocery stores, drug stores, printing facilities, and others that generate massive waste cardboard/paper. Cardboard baler for sale can strap hundreds of cardboards into a bale up to 520kg with largest bale size of[..]

Sinobaler heavy duty dual ram baler is designed with large press force – from 80tons to 200tons, and feature with dual-ram structure. These two ram balers are built with high strength and oriented to facilities that handle recyclable wastes of high fibrous, high rebounding force, or high hardness. It is also a good baling solution for handling normal soft material when there is a demand of high bale density to optimize container loading. These heavy duty vertical baling machines are a must-have piece of equipment for natural fiber exporters / dealers, synthetic fiber[..]

The perfect plastic bottle baler (PET bottle baler) and aluminum can baler, also known as bottle baling machine or can press; this vertical hydraulic press is designed for long stroke pressing. It is a must-have piece of equipment for any plastic or can recycling operation, and is ideal for crushing hollow products such as PET bottles and aluminum cans into tight, compact bales for easy handling, storage, and transportation. One time saving factor is that it combines baling and draining in one step. The liquid tray drainage system serves to catch fluid residues in bottles[..]