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Auto Parts Baler Machine

When cars or vehicles are out of service, it is better to choose the best way which can maximize how much is reused or recycled. Many Auto parts from cars or vehicles can be either reused or recycled. Right disposal solution can save resource, protect environment and also create new cash inflow for economy. This is why we can see many companies are selling auto parts scrap in bales. Auto parts baler machine is such a compressing machine to create these auto parts bales for direct sale and easy handling.

What auto parts scrap can be recycled and what kind of balers suit them?

There are many auto parts can be reused or recycled. Below are some typical items for easy reference:

1. Metal scrap

Scrap metal is the main auto parts from a car. For example, you can see the metals from chassis, rims and door handles. Almost all of them have good market in selling as scrap metal because these metals can be melted down for reuse purpose. For metal baling purpose, heavy duty metal scrap balers are the ideal options.

2. Plastics

Various type of plastics are in vehicles. You can found them from dashboard to bumpers which can be recycled if they can be separated properly. Plastic recycling is quite popular in today’s recycling world and we can avoid white pollution because most of them are not biodegradable. Different kind of plastic balers are optional to suit different size and capacity plastic materials’ baling purpose.

3. Rubber

Scrap tyres and rubber hoses can be recycled and turned into materials for new solutions for example road surfacing or other new products. Tyre balers are the best suitable baler to compact such high rebounding materials. Also many balers are optional for general rubber waste baling.

4. Oil filters

Oil filter aims to filter dirt and unwanted substances out of oil. Scrap oil filters can be recycled. Oil filter briquetting machine is the matched baler to make oil filter blocks without strapping or bagging requirements.

SINOBALER auto parts baler

SINOBALER specializes in manufacturing and providing all kinds of balers to suit different type of materials. We have several balers which are especially designed for auto parts such as tyres and oil filters. So Contact SINOBALER team today to find your best suitable auto parts baler to minimize the environmental impact of vehicle disposal.

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