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Oil Filter Baler Machine

  • Oil Filter Baler Machine
  • Oil Filter Baler Machine
  • Oil Filter Baler Machine
  • Oil Filter Baler Machine
  • Oil Filter Baler Machine
Crush scrap oil filters,iron chips and metal cans etc.

This oil filter baler, also known as oil filter briquetting machine or oil filter crusher, is designed not only for crushing scrap oil filters but also for crushing iron chips, metal cans, and other small size metal containers. Attributed to its high pressure force, compact compression room as well as a sliding door installed at the output chute, bulk metal scraps as described above will be crushed into tight square blocks, no need any strapping or bagging to hold the blocks.

It is a fully automatic machine controlled by PLC system, efficient and labor saving. Once the machine gets a signal that the compression chamber is fully filled, the compression cylinder will automatically travel downward to start crushing, and thereafter when the compression cylinder returns to the upper position the ejecting cylinder will automatically start pushing forward horizontally. The hydraulic-driven sliding door at the output will automatically open once the pressure of the ejecting cylinder reaches the maximum, and after that the block is pushed out by the ejecting cylinder. A feed conveyor can be connected with the baler to reach automatic feeding through the interlocking system between the baler and conveyor.

No matter you are a metal products manufacturer that generates scrap metal chips in big volume every day, a metal waste collector, or a recycler of metal scrap, this machine is quite a necessary item for you to own. Compression ratio of this machine will reach more than 10:1, which means it can greatly save the transportation space or storage room, and subsequently brings you much benefit and high ROI in long run.

We supply not only below standard unit, but can also custom make according to customer’s specific requirements in terms of productivity, block size, etc., as long as the requirements are reasonable enough. Contact us now and our sales representative will provide an ideal solution for your metal scrap recycling.

Baling Press Applications For Oil Filter Baler:

Oil filters, steel cans, aluminum cans, iron chips, small metal containers.

Choose from our various balers available, or contact us for a customized baling solution. View shredders.

Main Features

arrow feature Fully Automatic Operation System
enables automatic compressing & bale ejecting, making the machine rather efficient and labor saving
arrow feature Liquid Drainage Tray
for receiving and draining out the residual liquid squeezed out from the filters or cans to keep the recycling area clean and safer
arrow feature PLC Control System
automates the operation and promotes accuracy
arrow feature Close-end Door
ensures all the scrap items are thoroughly compressed and the bales are firmly compacted
arrow feature Electric Controlled
makes the operation easy and convenient – simply by pressing the buttons to control the machine.
arrow feature Feed Conveyor is Optional
for automatic feeding material into the baler through the interlocking system between the baler and the conveyor