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Baler For Textile

Baler for textile refers to the baling machine which especially suitable for baling used clothes, rags and other textiles. It is a growing market which requires dense textile bales for saving the transportation cost to developing countries for re-use. Of course, used clothes require no damaging in textile baling. Also baling should keep used clothes cleaning. Textile balers with some special features perfectly fits these baling requirements.


Baler for textile in the market

Balers for textile are versatile. Different suppliers provide different baling and packing solutions for textile. The textile bale sizes are different due to the different purposes of baling. If you want to export the textiles to developing countries, you should choose the right size which can load maximum tons of textile into a sea container. Then you can benefit the transportation cost saving from a lower shipping cost per ton. Both vertical textile baler and horizontal textile balers are working fine for baling textiles. So you should know your textile baling requirements, facility space and financial budget well before making a purchase decision. Different textile balers have different baling efficiency, baling output and space requirement.


Baler for textile in SINOBALER

SINOBALER offers a wide range of textile balers which well suits the textile baling market. From vertical textile baler to fully automatic horizontal textile baler, you can always find the right machine for your needs. For example, lifting chamber baler is a vertical simple operation baling machine which is especially suitable for textile baling. It also allows bag packing after baling. Swivel twin lifting chamber baler is more efficient because it can achieve baling and feeding at the same time. So your operator do not need to wait while compressing. Heavy duty baling and bagging machine is a horizontal type machine and it also can bale and bag the textiles. The fully automatic baler requires minimal labor but achieve maximum performance.


Contact SINOBALER today and our professional team will recommend the most suitable baler for textile based on your individual baling requirements.


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