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Baler Operation Demonstration

When we receive goods, the cardboard boxes, plastic bags or even wooden boxes coming become our liability because they occupy too much storage space. So how to minimize the storage, handling, disposal and transportation cost of these materials? That is the reason why baler exists. No other machine can produce such high density bales. Baling recyclable materials into dense bales becomes an important size reduction solution, although shredders and granulators are also essential size reduction machines. But how to operate the baler in the right steps? Vertical baler and horizontal baler has different steps. Also manual baler and automatic baler are so different in each other. Baler operation demonstration is the ideal presentation to show you how it works step by step vividly.

Baler operation demonstration

Baling is the process to produce stable, high density bales for a variety of materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, wood shavings, fiber and textiles etc. Different structure baler have different operation manual in detail but the main steps such as material feeding, compressing and exiting are same. Take typical mill size baler of cardboard baling operation for example:

Step 1: operator opens the chamber door and lays a single piece of flattened piece of cardboard across the bottom of the chamber to cover the wire slots. This aims to keep the slots clear to let wire ties pass through.

Step 2: operator closes the chamber door and load materials evenly to the compressing chamber.

Step 3: operator closes the sliding door and pushes the start operation button on. Then compressing plate under the hydraulic cylinder pressure will have a vertical compressing force to the materials.

Step 4: When one compressing cycle is done, the sliding door will be lifted up and you can continue to feed cardboard. In last cycle, operator can put a full sheet of cardboard over the compressed materials. This can help slots clear to let wire ties to pass through.

Step 5: operator inserts the bale ties into the slots from front to back. Then move to the back of machine and insert ties back to the bale chamber. Finally tie the bale with a loop end.

Step 6: Once the compressing is finished or bale is ready, the compressing plate will come back to the top level. Then push the operation button to exit the bale fully. You can remove the bale on forklift.

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