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Manual Baler

What is a Manual baler?

Manual baler machine is typically down stroke vertical baling machines that are loaded from the front. However, do not let the word “manual” leads you to doubt its efficiency because all these baling machines are electric controlled for easy operation, and simply by operating on a button or switch, the machine can fulfill the entire baling cycle automatically.  Most baling machine models will only require one person to fully load, operate, and unload the machine.  This ease of use is attractive to many businesses, as the cost to operate the machine is greatly lowered.  Another advantage of selecting a manual vertical baling machine is their size – generally, vertical baling presses have a smaller operational footprint. These recycling machines can fit almost anywhere, and are quite movable, making them ideal for anyone who has waste to bale, but does not need a permanently installed, large-scale (and unwieldy) solution.

Do you know Sinobaler Manual baling machines?

This range of our baling equipment come with compressing force of anywhere from 10 tons to 200 tons.  The different force ratio will depend on what you intend to bale – obviously, more force means you can bale harder / larger / stronger materials (such as tires / tyres, natural fibers, hard plastic).  They vary widely in yield, with approximate outputs ranging from 350 lbs to 33,000 lbs per hour (approximately 160 kg to 15,000 kg), so they can be available for a wide variety of materials and situations – such as for commercial entity that generates/recycles materials like used clothing, cardboard, cartons, hollow plastic bottles or containers, natural fibers, metallic drums, fabric scrap, tyre / tires, shrink wrap, soft packaging, and similar.

For example, textile baling press such as Lifting Chamber is a popular choice for textile manufacturers, used clothes recycling facilities, as well as second-hand clothing dealers and exporters.  The lifting chamber baling machine, depending on the model, can easily produce bales with suitable size and weight to load around 24 – 26 tons of used clothing into a 40’ high cube container.  As for other common urban waste such as old corrugated cardboard, cartons and paper, the multi-purpose baling machine, like Mill Size cardboard compactor, is a popular choice for department stores, supermarket, warehouses, as well as printing facilities.  It has the capacity to reduce the waste volume up to 92%, and turn these bulky material into neat and tidy bales weighing from 350 lbs to 1,145 lbs each (approximately 160 kg to 520 kg), which will certainly help you to lower your cost on transportation and storage.

At Sinobaler, we can help you decide on which manual baler best fit your requirements; or we can also upgrade these machines to semi-auto and customize based on your needs, both for now and in the future. Contact us today, and one of our friendly representatives will discuss your recycling needs with you, and recommend the ideal baling solution for your situation.


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PROSINO manual feeding shredders and granulators

Metal Baler (metal press) is an innovative solution designed to streamline the metal recycling process. This robust machinery is hydraulically driven and can efficiently transform loose metal scrap into dense, manageable blocks, optimizing storage& transportation. With this equipment on hand, you can say goodbye to the challenges of loose metal scrap and embrace a greener, more efficient approach for recycling. Our Advanced Metal Baler has applications cross a wide range of industries, including but not limited to: Machining Facilities: Optimize scrap metal[..]

This versatile garbage compactor is made of stainless steel, ensuring its durability even if in humid or salty environment. It has the advantages of small footprint and easy operation, making it suitable for using in various public places such as offshore platforms, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, ships, trains, and more. This cutting-edge stainless steel garbage compactor greatly helps you upgrade your waste management experience. Made from high-grade stainless steel, it ensures durability for years to come. Designed for convenience and simplicity, it is perfect[..]

Sinobaler waste compactor is a self-contained type of waste compactors for compressing loose pre-landfill trash into much smaller volume, and the compaction rate can reach more than 20:1. With the help of this trash compactor, waste hauling costs to transfer station or to landfill are greatly reduced – less or smaller dumpsters are needed and dumpster pickup frequency is significantly reduced. In addition, compacted waste consumes a minimal volume of storage space or landfill airspace. This garbage compactor is specially designed for handling both dry and wet waste, and[..]

The garbage compactor is also known as trash compactor. This machine is specially designed for compressing daily trash or garbage. The daily garbage waste can be paper, carton, film, textile, aluminum or steel cans, PET bottles, HDPE containers, and any other soft packaging materials. Even kitchen and organic waste that has considerable water content can be compressed by this garbage compactor. The compressing bucket of SINOBALER’s garbage compactor is made of stainless steel which ensures no rust problem even when compressing waste that contains liquid. The hydraulic[..]

The Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler stands out with its cutting-edge and contemporary design within the range of Sinobaler's textile balers and used clothes balers. Its state-of-the-art engineering sets it apart as a versatile and efficient solution for textile waste management. It goes by various names, including Lifting Chamber Baler, Chamber Opening Baler, Swivel Twin Baler, and Twin Box Baler. This innovative baler features two interconnected baling chambers attached to a central pivot. Distinctively, this baler boasts a twin-chamber structure that operates in[..]

A lifting chamber baler machine is sometimes popular as used clothes baler, clothing baler, as well as textile baler. It specifically suits to meet the baling demands of the textile waste recycling industry. It is an ideal baling press choice for almost any textile manufacturer, used clothes recycling center, second-hand clothing stores / dealers, clothing exporters, as well as wiping rag graders. The lifting chamber balers are unique in that they are very simple to operate. The lifting chamber makes tying and wrapping bales simpler, and make ejection easier as well. All[..]

The standard mill size baler machines are one of Sinobaler’s most popular down stroke balers. These mill size cardboard balers are standalone vertical baling machines. It is with great use in the disposal of cardboard/carton. So it is also popular as cardboard baler or carton baler. They are hydraulic mill size balers and ideal baling solutions for waste recycling facilities, cardboard/paper manufacturing units, supermarkets, department stores, grocery stores, drug stores, printing facilities, and others that generate massive waste cardboard/paper. Cardboard baler for[..]

This optimized tire baler ( tyre baler ) from Sinobaler is a heavy duty vertical baling machine. It is used for compacting material with high rebound force into dense bales, eg. recycled tires / tyres. This optimized tire baling machine is similar to our standard heavy duty tire baler. But it has an upgraded hydraulic system and cooling capacity. In term of efficiency, this optimized tyre baling press machine model only takes 7 strokes to produce one bale containing approximately 120 – 140 car tires, significantly improved productivity. It has an industry leading cycle[..]

The long stroke baler machine is also popular as perfect plastic bottle baler (such as PET bottle baler) and aluminum can baler. This vertical hydraulic press is designed for long stroke pressing and known as bottle baling machine or can press. It is a must-have piece of equipment for any plastic or can recycling operation, and is ideal for crushing hollow products such as PET bottles and aluminum cans into tight and compact bales for easy handling, storage and transportation. One time saving factor is that it combines baling and draining in one step. The liquid tray[..]

The Sinobaler Heavy Duty Dual Ram Baler is meticulously engineered to deliver substantial press force, ranging from 80 tons to 200 tons. This remarkable force capacity is achieved through its advanced dual-ram structure, setting it apart as a powerhouse in waste compaction. Crafted for robustness and durability, this two-ram baler is purpose-built to address the unique challenges presented by recyclable materials characterized by high fibrous content, formidable rebounding force, or exceptional hardness. Remarkably versatile, it also proves to be an effective solution for[..]

Drum crusher is also known as drum press, barrel flattener, drum crushing baler, barrel crusher, or barrel press machine. It is a baling machine that use strong hydraulic pressure to flatten almost any kind of metal containers / drums / barrels. Whether you have just a few barrels a week or a larger need like hundred barrels a day, Sinobaler has a vertical barrel crusher machine that perfectly suits your baling press needs. The drum crusher we offer can compact up to 60-70 pieces per hour (of drums up to full 58 gallon or 220 litre size) with a compressing force up to[..]

Sinobaler’s multi purpose baling machine (also known as Mini Baler) is one of the most versatile vertical balers in our baling press machine collection. Configured with top protection level of electrical components and coating, Sinobaler mini baling machines are not only ideal for on-land use ( facilities like malls, retail stores, hotels, grocery stores, offices, hospital, houses ) , but also very suitable for using on vessels. So it is also popular as Marine Baler because of its small footprint and small height which is perfect for locations with height and space[..]

What do we mean by "high rebound" material? Simply put, we're talking about tires or tyres. In essence, baling these items demands a tire baler machine with the strength to counteract the rubber's inherent rebound properties. The Sinobaler tire baler, or tyre baler, is an essential piece of recycling equipment meticulously designed for tire dealers and tire-recycling facilities. This hydraulic vertical baling press machine not only significantly reduces costs associated with scrap tire disposal, including transportation and storage, but also boosts revenue by generating[..]

These down stroke, manual tie, and manual feed balers are most valuable for fiber recycling where labor is efficient and affordable. Depending on the efficiency of your operators, our heavy duty fiber baler can help you reach throughput rates of up to 5 fiber bales per hour. Sinobaler's fibrous material baling machine can deliver a compression ratio of 15:1 and a bale volume of 1100*700*600 mm . You can count on adjustable bale sizing on all models and load up to 120 bales per 40 feet container. Should you be interest in purchasing a customized baling press machine or[..]

Designed for convenience and ease of operation, the four door opening baler is ideal for baling and recycling materials like used clothes, fabric, fibers, rags, cotton, wool. It is an ideal choice for textile manufacturers, used clothing recyclers, second-hand clothes dealers, used clothing exporters, cotton exporters, wool exporters, and wiping rag graders. Essentially, any time large amounts of fabric need to be compressed, transported, and stored, a four-door baling machine from Sinobaler is ideal. Our four door opening baler machines can produce bale weights ranging[..]