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Beer Cans Briquetting Machine in Beer Can Recycling

What kind of cans and tins can be recycled? All metal food, beverage cans, tins from cookies, fruit cakes and popcorn, aerosol cans from non-hazardous products are all available for waste recycling. Beer cans are the important source of cans which are one of the most recycled materials in the world. How to transport and handle large amount of beer cans? Beer cans briquetting machine is an ideal solution.

The benefits of beer cans recycling

Aluminum beer cans are recyclable. You know it really takes much energy to make aluminum. So recycling aluminum beer cans can save as much as 95% of the energy it takes to make new ones from scratch. Such aluminum cans are one of the most efficient materials to reuse and recycle.

How to recycle beer cans?

Paying deposit for all refundable beer cans is a good solution to collect these cans. When large amount of beer cans are available, a beer can briquetting machine needs to compress the loose cans down into high density bales in order to save more space and make the transportation easier. The bales of compressed beer cans are loaded onto a conveyor and fed into a high horsepower shredder. After shredding the beer cans bales into tiny pieces, a further refining step removes any remaining contaminants. Aluminum is tricky to sort because unlike some metals, it cannot be separated out with a magnet. Next, the shredded scrap passes through an optical sorter at a rate of three meters per second. The machine uses infrared sensors to sort out what’s metal and what isn’t, then blasts away any plastic or glass with jets of air. A powerful magnet sucks up any scraps of steel, leaving just aluminum. The clean aluminum chips are ready for the next stage – melting. Aluminum does not melt until 660 degrees. A furnace heated to a whopping 730-750° Celsius produces molten aluminum from the shredded material. They are poured into ingots and rolled into aluminum sheets. Then finally, aluminum can makers use these sheets to make new cans.

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