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Beer Can Press Machine

Beer cans are the most popular packaging materials in the beverage packaging industry in the world. These beer cans feature with attractive, lightweight, easy to carry as well as easy to use. The world consumes billions aluminum cans which accounts for about 15% of total aluminum consumption. We all know aluminum is natural resource. So if there is no effective recycling solution, we cannot image that aluminum beer cans will be everywhere. Beer can press machine is a good help in cans recycling especially in the transportation and storage period.


Why we recycle Beer cans?

First, aluminum beer cans features decide it is a good and valuable recyclable material. Because beer cans have many good features. It has easy cooling, light weight and no cracks features. Of course the most important feature is that it has the ability to reuse repeatedly.

After waste removal, aluminum cans crushing and other processes, cans are melting into aluminum ingot. About one fourth of them is used for making cans again. The rest are used as raw materials for castings and die castings which aims to produce automobile parts, motor parts and even steelmaking deoxidizers.

Second, beer can recycling saves a lot in natural resource. Although aluminum is the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust and the first most abundant resource in the metal, but we can save a lot of aluminum natural resource and about 97% energy if we start the cans recycling. To protect and beautify the Earth’s environment, cans recycling make a significant contribution.


Beer can press machine in beer cans recycling

Beer cans recycling line has many recycling machines including beer can press machine, beer can shredder and other processing machines. And beer can press machine is a compressing machine especially for baling large amount of hollow beer cans into dense bales. So it can save a lot expense in transportation and storage. SINOBALER manufacturers beer can presses for your different output options. Vertical or horizontal beer can press machine? You decide! Contact SINOBALER now!