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Brand New Baler Machine

There are a number of key benefits to bring a baler to your business. It assists your business to sort at source, store, compact and bundle the waste materials when they generate. So it quickly pay its back since it brings cash savings on waste collection, transportation, storage and landfill taxes. Also you can earn money from recycling companies when your baled materials are not contaminated. The financial budget for bringing a baler can be flexible because you can choose to buy a brand new baler or second-hand baler. Or even you can lease or rent a baler to meet your current budget.

The advantages of brand new baler machines

If your budget is allowed and your baling requirements are not for short-term needs, a brand new baler is strongly recommended for below great benefits:

1. Generally speaking, a brand new baler has at least one year of guarantee period and technical support for whole life of machine. So you can make sure your baler is running perfectly during this guarantee period. In most cases, second-hand baler is not supported.

2. Normally baler manufacturers always keep improving their baler quality. So a brand new baler will overcome some problems that past machines exist and achieve the best quality as much as baler manufacturers can. That means it is quite likely you can receive a better quality baler than past balers.

3. Also baler manufacturers will employ new technology or use new design to existing balers. That means same type of baler will be more efficient, user friendly and convenient. For example, new baler may have remote technical support function and make your maintenance easier.

Brand new baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER provides a wide range of brand new balers to tackle all kinds of materials. Of course, you can choose to tailor your individual requirements based on your capacity, bales size and bale weight, and ease of use(manual or automatic). Many of our balers are versatile to handle many materials. Some of balers are especially designed for ideal baling requirement of specific material such as tire baler. Contact SINOBALER today to find your best suitable brand new baler.

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