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Buy New Baler or Refurbished baler?

Occasionally, we have customers asking us “Do you have any used balers or refurbished balers?” Yes, the question ‘buy new baler or refurbished baler’ should be answered when customer has a baling requirement.

Lower cost is the main advantage of buying an used baler or disadvantage of buying a new baler. However, there are more possible disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration when you decide to buy an used baler:

1. No manufacturer warranty. If you buy any used baler, you need to know that once after the deal is done, you will take full responsibility for the machine.
2. Many uncertainties beyond expectation. You probably cannot get to know what happened to the baler before and whether there is any heavy repair history or any invisible problem that will only appear when you start mass production of the baler.
3. Higher repairing cost. When the secondhand baler breaks down, very likely the cost you spend on the repair or maintenance will be higher than purchasing a new baler.
4. Hard to get after-sales service and replacement parts.

Before deciding to procure a used baler, you’d better take into consideration for all the advantages and disadvantages. Check as much information as possible of the used baler such as the age of the baler, what maintenance/repair work had ever been done, what material/product was baled by that machine, etc.

In short, when planning to purchase a used baler, please do think carefully and consider in long run to make sure it is worthy your investment.

Sinobaler does not sell used or refurbished baling press machines. We are a manufacturer of balers based in China and we focus on manufacturing safe and long-lasting balers.

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