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Cardboard Packages Baler Machine

Cardboard packages are in different shapes and sizes. For example, they can be in bulk cargo boxes, corrugated pads, easy-fold mailers, lightweight boxes, multi-depth boxes, storage file boxes, moving boxes, side loader boxes, hazmat boxes, wine shippers, and insulated shippers etc. So they are quite good solutions in safely transfer products from one site to another. When these cardboard packages become scraps, waste management or cardboard recycling is an ideal solution to maintain the green world. What happens to scrap cardboard packages? How does a cardboard packages baler play its role in whole recycling process?

Cardboard packages baler in scrap cardboard packages recycling

Cardboard packages scrap collection is always the first step for recycling. After large amount of cardboard packages are available in one place, they should be sorted, baled and sent to paper mills. From scrap cardboard packages to new paper products, some important recycling machines are playing essential role to make this process done or help for size and cost reduction. Cardboard packages baler and paper machine are the typical machines during the process.

Cardboard packages baler can compress large amount of cardboard packages scraps into dense bales for cost and space saving in transportation and storage. So it is a necessary machine from collection place to paper mills. Then these cardboard packages scraps will be available to make paper pulp through a pulp making system. Finally paper machine will use the pulp to create new paper products in large quantities at high speed. New paper products can be in new cardboard packages and we can recycle them again when they become a scrap.

Cardboard packages baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of hydraulic balers for baling cardboard packages. Mini baler can help cardboard waste baling in vessels, while mill size baler can reduce cardboard waste size for supermarket. For medium cardboard waste management, a manual-tie horizontal baler is the good solution. But when you have large amount of cardboard packages in recycling centers, fully automatic horizontal baler is always your preferable choice for efficient work and labor cost saving. So contact SINOBALER directly to find your best suitable machine now.

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