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Copper Millberry Wire Baler Machine

When copper millberry wires become scraps, they still have good residual value in the market. You can find many copper millberry wire compressed bales are selling in Alibaba, Indiamart, tradeindia etc. But the loose copper millberry wires are not easy to handle, store and deliver. So it is better to let them be packed in bales and on pallets. Hence you need a copper millberry wire baler to make bales. When you have a project for copper scrap recycling plant, a copper millberry wire baler is also required in your production line. Because it is quite important and necessary to solidify materials first into high density bales for easy storage and transportation. So we can see copper millberry wire baling machine contributes the whole recycling and resales market.

Copper millberry wire baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has four type of balers which are very suitable to compress copper mill berry. Oil filter compactor, heavy duty two ram vertical baler, manual-tie horizontal baler and L-type two ram automatic horizontal baler are all ideal for baling such material. Oil filter compactor actually is a block making machine which do not need to tie or strap the bale. The rest three balers are strapping type balers. These four balers are with different bale size, bale weight and baling capacity. Also you need to consider your financial budget and installation conditions.

Which baler or compactor is the most suitable for you? Then you need to answer below questions firstly.

– Any idea about bale size and bale weight?

– How many tons of copper millberry wires do you want to compress per day or per week?

– Do you want steel wire binding or just making blocks directly?

Contact SINOBALER or send us your inquiry today if you have any copper millberry wire baling requirements.

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