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Fertilizer Bulk Bag Disposal

Fertilizer bulk bag is typically made from Polypropylene and used as low cost packaging material. It is good for transporting fertilizer in various forms such as granules, pellets, powders, flakes thanks to its features of moisture-proof, mould-proof, flat surface, easy to pile up, light and so on. Sometimes, these fertilizer bulk bags are also named ton bags or jumbo bags. They are used not only for packing fertilizers but also for packing other fine materials like cement, fodder, chemical products, etc. How is the fertilizer bulk bag disposal?

For most industries when they are making a final product, the manufacturing process involves a lot of different ingredients being mixed together. And every ingredient comes with its own package which might be fertilizer bulk bags. Once these packages are empty, they become wastes and take a lot of space. The best way to handle these fertilizer bulk bags is to compress them into compact bales with baling machines. Generating 1000 to 2000pcs per month of such empty bags is quite common in many manufacturing facilities, thus looking from a business perspective, baling and recycling these bags instead of dumping them landfill can bring you considerable revenue. Meanwhile, it is good for environment as biodegradation of these PP woven bags will take dozens or even hundreds of years.

For getting a baling machine to bale your fertilizer bags, you can refer to SINOBALER at Sinobaler manufactures various types of baling press machines. You can choose a suitable model based on your expected bale size or bale weight, as well as based on the volume of empty fertilizer bulk bags that need to be disposed daily or month. Or Simply contact us and we can help you choose an optimal model based on your detailed baling requirements.


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