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Fishing Net Baler Machine

Fishing net is available for fishing for long history. There are several types of fishing nets in the past. Baling fishing net has many benefits for both economy and environment. So a suitable fishing net baler machine is worthy investment.

The type of fishing net

Fishing net has different kind of types in the history. For example, bottom trawl, cast net, coracle net fishing, dragnet, drift net, drive-in net, fixed gillnet(on stakes), fyke net, gillnet, ghost net, hand net, landing net, lave net, lift net, midwater trawl, plankton net, purse seine, push net, seine net, shore-operated lift net, surrounding net, tangle net and trammel etc.

The benefits of baled fishing net

Whatever new or old fishing net, there is always a need for baling fishing net. Because new fishing net bales can be sold directly in bales. For example, you can find many fishing net bales in Alibaba and Amazon. It is easy to get higher price if it is baled net especially for clean net. For scrap fishing net, fishing nets recycling is more and more encouraged in order to reduce the landfill. Also some fishing nets has good recycling value. For example, nylon fishing nets can be re-processed to manufacture many new products such as chair wheels, tool handles, auto parts, telephones, computer parts, toothbrushes, upholstery and carpeting etc.

Fishing net baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has different type of balers for baling fishing net. From mini baler to large fully automatic baler, we have many models with different capacity and power to meet different level customers. Generally speaking, vertical balers like mill size balers are more popular in the market. So just send SINOBALER your fishing net baling capacity, ideal bale size and bale weight, our professional team will find the most suitable fishing net baler for you in our product range.

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