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Foam Scrap Baler Machine

Foam scrap is generated in large quantity in mattress plants. Those foam scraps are mainly foam cuts or foam leftover bits. According to some foam plant’s figure, around 30% of the overall foam material becomes foam scrap during mattress production processes. Scrap foam is recyclable and can bring great benefit. Because you can use a foam scrap baler to compress them into bales and deliver the bales to foam recycling facilities for shredding and joining processes to make carpet underlay.

What are the features of a foam scrap baler? 

1. For baling foam, you can use either a vertical baler or a horizontal baler. But it has to be a specialized foam scrap baler. Due to the characteristic of high rebounding, compressed foam scrap can quickly spring back once the pressing platen of the baler de-hold it. Hence, a foam scrap baler must have a anti-springing device that can hold the compressed baler from springing back even after the press platen de-hold it. Retain claws are the typical device built on foam scrap baling machine to realize that function. Once the press platen of the baler returns, the retainer claws will hold the pressed foam from rebounding back. This way, you can successfully make a dense bale after many times of feeding and compressing. And size will be dramatically reduced after baling.

2. Secondly, a foam scrap baling machine normally has small chamber size. Because if the chamber is big, the retainer claws cannot reach the material in the middle of the chamber. As a result, those material in the middle is free of being hooked and thus will spring back.

3. Thirdly, a foam scrap baling machine has to be built very strong so as to bear the high rebounding force generated during baling. Compared to a normal baler, form scrap baler has thicker structure and has more strengthening ribs. In addition, the hydraulic cylinder cannot be small otherwise the high springing force will easily make the piston rod deformed or even snapped.

Siniobaler Machinery supplies reliable foam scrap balers, which are user friendly, last and need least maintenance. You can refer to and contact us to inquire if you are looking for a foam scrap baler.

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