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Foam Shredding & Compacting Plant

  • Foam Shredding & Compacting Plant
  • Foam Shredding & Compacting Plant
  • Foam Shredding & Compacting Plant
  • Foam Shredding & Compacting Plant
Shredding and compacting foam waste including EPS foam and XPS foam


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This integrated system is structured particularly for processing foam waste including EPS foam and XPS foam. The system is composed by quite a few pieces of equipment, including an infeed conveyor, a specialized foam shredder (also named foam breaker or crusher), a fan blowing system, a big silo, an auger feeder, and lastly a hydraulic foam baler/compactor.

No need the involvement of a foam densifier that generates smelly & toxic odor and pollute the environment, our system purely adopts mechanical processes to break and compact the foam waste without causing any pollution, which we also call a cold pressing system. Due to the feature of pollution-free, users have more choices with regards to where to set up the plant โ€“ you can set up it even in residential areas. Besides, the blocks compressed by our system are of flat rectangular shape, maximizing the utilization of transportation space.

Compared to the traditional screw type foam compactor, this hydraulic compactor along with an auger feeder produces much higher density blocks to maximize the loading capacity in container or lorry. The compression ratio can reach above 40:1 and block density can achieve more than 360kgs/m3. The big silo allows you to operate the shredder and the compactor in different time periods โ€“ you can operate the baler after the silo is almost full with foam shreds.

To meet different demands of productivity, we have two models of compactors available for you to choose โ€“ one is configured with higher capacity hydraulic system and thus runs faster than the other.

Contact Sinobaler sales representative now and we will submit an optimal solution for your foam recycling project.

Foam shredding & compacting plant application:

EPS foam, XPS foam

Model Bale size Bale density Throughput Strapping
Length Width Height

Adjustable mm

( inch)

390 mm

(15.4 inch)

420 mm

(16.5 inch)

360 (kg/m3)

300 kg/h



Adjustable mm

( inch)

400 mm

(15.7 inch)

500 mm

(19.7 inch)

360 (kg/m3)

400 kg/h

Main Features

arrow feature Hydraulic-driven compressing system
maximizes foam block density and mostly save transportation cost.
arrow feature PLC controlled
automates the operation and promotes accuracy.
arrow feature HMI (touch screen) operation interface
simplifies the operation of the compactor.
arrow feature Auger feeder for the compactor
increases feeding efficiency and helps densify foam blocks.
arrow feature The big silo
collects considerable amount of foam shreds to ensure continuous feeding into the compactor.
arrow feature Multi-direction anti-expansion devices
Helps keep the compressed blocks well shaped.