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Forage Baler in Forage Recycling

What is forage?

Forage is the plant materials that are eaten by animals especially grazing livestock such as cows and horses. It can be pasture, crop residue or immature cereal crops. It also can be available in a loose plant cuts for fodder. The main activity of a forage baler is to compress such as plants.

What is the difference between forage and fodder?

Fodder is the food for animals. It can be fed to cows, sheep, goats, chickens and pigs etc. Fodder can be hay or forage, cornstalks, vegetables etc. But forage is only a type of plant and it can be one source for fodder.

Forage baler used in forage recycling

Forage as well as other plants like hay, silage, alfalfa, can be collected and used for livestock. All we know it is good plant materials for some great application. In earlier times, cutting grasses and other bundles of paddy straw, wheat straw was counted as farmer’s duty. But today, the work cultures have changed. Farmers prefer to have some hay and forage equipment tailor-made to meet their ever-evolving farming needs. These hay and forage solutions range from forage balers or hay balers to forage shredders or hay shredders. These hydraulic recycling machines are all with innovations in size, capacity and efficiency.

Forage baler is especially ideal to compress large amount of forage into compacted round bales or square bales. The compressed forage bales especially the square bales are easy for transportation and storage. So it is very popular in forage collection and transportation process.

There are several types of forage balers available in different sizes and capacity. Fully automatic horizontal baler is one of the most popular large forage balers. You can search for appropriate forage baler in SINOBALER to solve your livestock problem.


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