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Horizontal Baler Price

Horizontal balers normally have more space requirements but they are able to have much higher baling output than vertical balers.  For example, most large fully automatic balers are horizontal balers and they can meet large size of baling requirement as well as high output. Horizontal baler price is ranged from thousand USD to hundred of thousand USD per set. What factors affect the price of horizontal balers from each other?


Which decide the horizontal baler price?

First, of course good materials and top brand spare parts are the base of the machine quality. In SINOBALER, we utilize top brand parts, high grade steel and differential technology.

Second, labor cost is also a cost factor in manufacturing the baler. Normally we need welder, hydraulic assembler, painter and electrician in whole production process. Each part of labor cost also contribute to the good quality of the machine. For example, the machine assembling is also very important to the quality of baler. Fully automatic horizontal baler needs to assemble many hydraulic parts, oil pipes, cooling system and electrical parts. Improper assembling can cause many different problems during machine running. So it is important to choose a baler manufacturer with its mature baler product.

Third, the freight to your location sometimes is a big cost factor. If you only need a mini baler but you are far from baler manufacturer, the shipping cost is very high. So you should calculate the total DDU cost among different baler sources.

Fourth, do not forget the after sales cost during your baler purchase. Good customer reference is the best solution to prove the quality of baler. Choosing a mature product from professional baler manufacturer is a good idea to minimize the unnecessary maintenance cost. For consumable parts replacement, it is important to choose a baler manufacturer with efficient after sales service and a good part price.


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