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Metal Can Block Making Machine

Normally metal cans are made of steel or aluminum. Compared with plastic containers, glass bottles and paper containers, metal cans have many good properties and they are widely used in packaging. When these metal cans become scrap or out of usage, how to dispose of them properly? Luckily metal cans are recyclable and the ideal solution is the waste recycling for these scrap metal cans. Therefore, a metal can block making machine take its place.

What is metal can block making machine?

It is a crushing machine for crushing oil filters, steel cans, aluminum cans, iron chips and small metal containers, etc. This machine can crush into tight rectangle blocks. So you do not need to strap or bag these metal can blocks.

Why you need a metal can block making machine?

Due to the great compression ratio, this machine can help to save much transportation space or storage room. Also the rectangle shape is quite easy for loading into a truck or container.

Who needs a metal can block making machine?

It is necessary for a metal products manufacturer, metal waste collector or metal scrap recycler to own a metal can briquetting baler.

Metal can block making machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER’s metal can block making machines are fully automatic. You can feed the metal cans into compression chamber manually or by a conveyor. The following operation is automatic and you can expect the compressed bales at the bale exit directly.

SINOBALER has some standard units for crushing metal cans. If you have bigger size metal cans or want to make different size blocks, SINOBALER can custom make according to your specific requirements in terms of productivity and block size, etc.. Contact us today if you have any metal briquetting requirements!

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