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Small Baler or Mini Baler Applications

Mini baler or small baler is the ideal baling solution for small-scale recycling business. It has less cost and less space required. So normally it is a manual baler. Such mini baler or small baler can also be applied in many waste materials incl textile, cardboard, paper and plastic etc.

Small baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete baling machines for different applications and different output purpose. We list some popular mini baler or small baler for your considerations:

Mini marine baler for multi-purpose baling
SVB2-S-100 mini baler is also popular as marine baler. It has wide applications incl paper, cardboard, film, textile, bottles and other soft packaging materials. This small muti-purpose baler has small footprint and height. The bale height can also be range from 200mm to 500mm.

Mini cardboard baler or small cardboard baler
SVBS2-300 series cardboard baler is your ideal option to compress cardboard if your cardboard waste is not much. It is electric controlled and bale height can be adjustable from 400mm to 1120mm. The bale weight for OCC can be from 60kg to 400kg. Of course, it is also ideal for paper baling purpose.

Mini textile baler or small used clothes baler
SVBT2-L1-300 lifting chamber textile baler is your ideal baling option to compress textiles incl used clothes, rags and textile fiber etc. if your textile waste is small. This mini textile baler is very simple to operate and cross strapping is available.

Mini plastic baler or small plastic bottle baler
SVBB2-300 long stroke baler is very ideal baling solution for small-scale plastic waste compressing purpose. This small plastic bottle baler is vertical manual baler. The bale weight for plastic bottle can be from 35kg to 100kg. It is also applicable to bale disposable plastic tableware, HDPE container and pop cans etc.

Mini drum baler or small drum baler
SVB2-MD-300 small drum crusher baler is ideal option to bale oil drums and paint barrels. This mini drum baler has liquid drainage channel and metal blocker. It is very simple to operate. Bale height can be adjusted from 100mm to 130mm.

Mini wood shavings baler or small wood shavings baler
SHB1-SW-50 scale weighing horizontal bagging baler is your ideal to compress small and loose materials into square bale for bagging purpose. It is applicable to bale wood shavings, straw, rags and mineral cotton fiber etc.

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