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What baler to choose for small-scale recycling?

Sinobaler, as a baling machine manufacturer, we often receive such kind of question from our clients who are just starting to run a small-scale recycling business. What baler to choose for small-scale recycling business or a start-up recycling business?

Steps of what baler to choose for small-scale recycling

Well, usually you could firstly judge whether you need a horizontal baler or vertical baler. If your waste volume is small (this should be the most case of a start-up small scale recycling business), you can focus on the vertical baler. Because vertical baler is with small footprint and lower cost compared with horizontal baler, and it is the best choice for recyclers who handles small quantity of waste.

Next step, you need to choose a suitable vertical baler among so many types and models of vertical balers. Normally you can choose depending on your waste material type. Here are some most common recycling materials many customers are recycling, such as OCC, paper, PET bottles, plastic film, plastic bag, straw, and used clothes. You’d better choose a baler type which is optimal for baling your material and the baler size meets your expected bale size and weight. For example, if you specially bale PET bottles, then we will recommend you to choose a long stroke baler as PET bottles are hollow articles with high rebounding force. Long stroke can make sure each bottle at the bottom can be fully compressed. If your waste includes several types, the ideal solution is to choose a multi-purpose vertical baler which is adapted to a wide-range of materials.

Besides, you need to choose a reliable supplier who are supplying sustainable and durable machine which can well serves in long run. Otherwise it could be a headache for you to repair and maintain after purchasing and it is very costly.

Contact us today and one of SINOBALER sales representatives will guide you to choose a best suitable baler to fit your baling needs.

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