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Mixed Rigid Plastics Baler Machine

Mixed rigid plastics differs to individual PET, LDPE, HDPE and PVC. It is a mixture of several different plastics. For example, plastic crates for milk or soda, laundry baskets, plastic drums, totes, empty garbage cans and plastic buckets. When large amount of scrap mixed rigid plastics accumulated, recycling is the ideal solution for proper disposal. Many recycling machines can help to improve the recycling efficiency and make recycling easier. Take  mixed rigid plastics baler for example, it can save you much cost in transportation.

Mixed rigid plastics recycling

Since China introduced a new law called ‘Green Fence’, only a higher quality of plastics can be imported to China. This increase in demand for a higher quality of plastics changed the sorting and baling processes in the world. The contaminated or dirty plastics must be washed for baling if you want to import plastics bales to China. But still mixed rigid plastics can directly go to recycling routes in some other regions like south-east Asia. As recycling rates continue to grow, it makes great sense to know the type of plastics and value of separating the materials. Mixed rigid plastics recycling is also both economically and environmentally effective.

How to make bales for mixed rigid plastics recycling

To make good shape of mixed rigid plastics bales, you should prepare a right mixed rigid plastics baler and make sure the size of pieces of plastic is not too small. Also it is better to control the bales weight such as 300~450kg. HDPE and PP has higher values and HDPE & PP plastic is in most demand if they belongs to polymer type. So you can let your bales have certain percentage of HDPE and PP.

SINOBALER mixed rigid plastics baler

Which is your ideal mixed rigid plastics baler? It mainly depends on the shape and size of mixed rigid plastics, and baling capacity. Heavy duty dual ram vertical baler, manual-tie horizontal baler and L-type two ram automatic horizontal baler are all available for options to bale mixed rigid plastics. Contact SINOBALER today if you have any baling requirement.

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