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MSW Baler Machine

Municipal solid waste has a very wide range which is too numerous to list. From food waste, used clothes, paper scrap, cardboard boxes, plastic films and bags, PET bottles to aluminum cans, you can imagine the variety of waste materials. How to handle these municipal solid waste? MSW recycling is the ideal solution. MSW baler machine and other size reduction machines are very efficient machine in whole MSW recycling.


The importance of MSW recycling

Large amount of municipal solid waste goes to landfill directly. But land space is not too much but valuable. This solution will be the final solution as time goes by. More and more creative and effective solutions are encouraged all over the world. Of course, waste recycling and reuse is the most effective. First, separate all the recyclable materials such as plastic, cardboard and paper, metals, wood and bio-waste etc. Because different materials have different recycling solutions. Paper mills can recycle cardboard and paper scrap to new paper products. Steel scrap can be the raw materials for steel mills. Plastic scrap can be recycled into new plastic products. Energy recovery plants also can use scrap for new energy purpose.


MSW baler machine in MSW recycling

MSW baler machine is a size reduction machine that can compress various waste materials into dense bales. So you can easily handle, stack, store and ship these bales. There are a variety of designs and sizes in MSW baling machines. The final design and model will depend on the baling materials, baling output requirement, and ideal bale size and bale weight etc. For high volumes collection sites, high capacity and high density baler is the first choice. So large size fully automatic horizontal baler machine is always the ideal MSW baling solution. It can also work with other recycling equipments like shredder, granulator, conveyor, washing line and selection line etc. Now MSW baler machine is the important and efficient recycling machine in whole MSW recycling. Contact SINOBALER today to find more MSW balers.