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• Simple and easy to operate with very little training or instruction required • Large capacity facilitates transportation of light or heavy loads • Saves labor time and cost • Highly efficient and capable of long running times


A Conveyor is an optional addition to a horizontal baler system. Conveyors are used to transport waste materials from a low-level opening to the higher-level feeder of the baler. Conveyors are much faster, safer and more efficient than forklifts or other machines which are commonly used to transport large quantities of waste materials. There are three different types of Conveyor, each with their own unique strengths. The Steel Chain Conveyor is extremely strong and durable, while the Rubber Conveyor has a lower level of operating noise. These Conveyors are normally used with an Automatic Horizontal Baler or a Manual-Tie Baler. Horizontal Bagging Balers typically use a PVC-Belt Conveyor as they are more compact than the two previously-mentioned balers. All three Conveyors are made of a highly-durable steel frame. Customers can choose from among the three types of Conveyors to suit their own specific needs or send their specifications to Sinobaler for a professional consultation.


Can be used in all types of horizontal balers


Steel Chain Conveyor PVC Belt Conveyor
Effective Dimension Approx. 11000 x 1200 x 4900mm 5000x1000mm
Approx. 11000 x 1500 x 4900mm
Approx. 11000 x 1600 x 5000mm 3000x1000mm
Approx. 11000 x 1800 x 5100mm
Motor 7.5kw 0.75kw
Belt Material steel plate PVC
Conveying speed 12m/min 30m/min
Weight Approx. 7500 kg approx 500kgs
Package 40' HQ 4.6cbm or 3.5cbm

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