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Paper Waste Compactor

What is a paper waste compactor?

Paper waste compactor is the machine that used to compress the paper waste. It is also popular as paper hydraulic baler, hydraulic paper waste baler, etc. We can see from the names that this machine is one kind of the hydraulic balers.

The paper waste compactor can be divided into two types based on its shape. One is vertical paper waste compacting machine and the other is horizontal paper waste compacting machine. Vertical paper waste compacting machine is small or middle sized, high but not taking up space. Horizontal paper waste compacting machine is very large and it needs at least a 40 feet container for shipment. The vertical paper waste compacting machine normally is manual or semi-automatic and the horizontal paper waste compacting machine is fully automatic. So the output of horizontal paper waste baler is much larger than that of vertical paper waste baler. It can reach up to 20 tons per hour.

Why we need a paper waste compactor?

Since paper waste compactor is used especially for paper waste recycling, that comes to the question why we need to recycle waste paper.

As we all know that, we need paper in every aspect of our lives. We normally use it as copy paper, newspapers, facial tissues and toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, egg cartons, grocery bags ,paperboard, etc. And for the most of the time, the use of paper is one-off thing. Take office paper for example, we normally throw them away as scraps after writing and printing. We can imagine that the paper waste is very huge. Wasting paper resources means the loss of forest resources. Recycling the waste paper helps the environment and climate. It is also saves resources and reduces the paper industry’s impact on the planet. According to incomplete statistics, using the recycled paper instead of virgin fiber paper saves 100% the trees and 31% of the energy. The so lid waste will reduce by 39%.

As such, paper waste compactor as a waste paper recycling machine is of great significance to protect the environment. Of course, it will be more efficient if it can work with other size reduction machines like industrial paper shredders.