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PET Flakes Baler Machine

PET flakes come from post-consumption of PET bottles recycling line. After PET bottles are shredded, granulated and washed, clean PET flakes are obtained. When these PET flakes are further processed by blowing, injection and extrusion, they will have a new life for different products. PET flakes can be further produced to make bottles, film, fiber fill, spinning, POY, sheet, non woven, straps and other injection parts. Since PET flakes are light and in a loose status, they are not easy to handle and transport. As such, we need to compact them as much as possible. Also it is better to put them inside of a plastic bag or super bag. In this case, a PET flakes baler is ready for service.

How to choose a right size and right type of PET flakes baler?

  1. – You need to know the baling capacity of PET flakes in a day or week. It is the most important factor to determine the right size of the compacting machine.
  2. – Bagging type baler and strapping type baler are both available for option. If you want to compact PET flakes and put them into a bag, bagging type baler is the ideal option to go.
  3. – Do you have any requirement on bale size and bale weight? This will affect the choices on baler models or maybe you need a customized baler.

For example, if you need to compact 3000kgs PET flakes daily and want to put the compacted PET flakes into a plastic bag, we will recommend our horizontal baling and bagging machine SHB1-WS-600. This machine makes bale size of L700 x W400 x H300mm, and the bale weight for PET flakes can reach approx. 35-40kgs. In one hour you can make 20-40bales (varying by your loading speed). Also you need to consider the question how do you plan to load the materials into the baler, manually or by a conveyor.

Contact our SINOBAELR team and find your best suitable PET flakes baling solution.

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