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Pet Pack Baler Machine

In animal bedding and animal feed industry, many loose materials are popular as animal bedding materials. For example, you can find chopped hay or straw, haylage, wood shavings or wood chips etc. These animal bedding materials can help to have a good rest and reduce the pressure on skin, waste and heat loss. So you can benefit good earnings from these animal bedding material trade. Here it comes a problem with these loose material transportation and package. Luckily, Pet pack baler machine is the right machine to help to solve this worry in a efficient and cost effective way.


Pet pack baler machines in the market

Since there are many different soft and loose materials suitable for animal bedding, Pet pack baler machines are also quite different in types and structure design. From vertical baler to horizontal baler, from manual baler to fully automatic baler, you have to choose the right machine to tailor your own baling or bagging requirements. Both volumetric balers and mass measured balers are available in the market for options. You can tailor the bale size and bale weight if you want. Also these Pet pack baling machines can work with other systems or machines to achieve more efficient working.


Pet pack balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several type of Pet pack baling press machines in our product range. If you need a large hopper to feed your materials and also want to bag the materials into a plastic bag, heavy duty bagging baler is quite suitable in this case. If you need a weigh hopper to have same weight bales in each bag, scale weighing bagging baler is the most suitable one. Of course, if you only want to bale the materials and no need to bag them into a plastic bag, there are more options to go. Vertical baler and our fully automatic baler are both fine choices in this case. You can tailor your ideal bale size and bale weight for your machine. For large amount of material feeding, a conveyor is helpful. So just contact SINOBALER today to tailor your own Pet pack baling machines.


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