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Polyurethane Foam Baler Machine

Polyurethane foam in our daily life

There are mainly two types of polyurethane foam, either flexible polyurethane foam or rigid polyurethane foam. Flexible polyurethane foam is light, durable, supportive and comfortable. They exist in our mattresses, upholstered furniture, automotive interiors, car seats, carpet underlay etc. While rigid polyurethane is a popular insulation material which helps maintain uniform temperature and lower noise levels in homes and commercial properties.

Why recycle polyurethane foam waste? 

The wide application of polyurethane foam leads to a large number of polyurethane foam waste. Polyurethane foam waste mainly comes from the production process of leftover materials and product scraps. Polyurethane foam is actually a type of plastic. It is non-degradable material so it belongs to white pollution. Currently there are two ways of recycling polyurethane foam waste, mechanical recycling, in which the material is reused in its polymer form, and chemical recycling that takes the material back to its various chemical constituents.

Why use polyurethane foam baler? 

Due to the property of polyurethane foam, it has very low density. So it is costly to handle and transport low density materials. This is where polyurethane foam baler come into play. Because a polyurethane foam baler can effectively reduce the volume of the bulky waste, compress them into dense bales with regular shapes, greatly facilitating storage and logistics.

Polyurethane foam baler from SINOBALER

SINOBALER is a professional hydraulic baler machinery manufacturer. We offer all types of baling machines including vertical and horizontal types with a wide choice of different chamber sizes and output capacity to meet your specific requirement. If you are looking for polyurethane foam baler, contact us and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you about your polyurethane foam baling needs in detail, and recommend you the most suitable baling machine which best fit your needs.

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