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Printing Scrap Baler Machine

Printing scrap can be either waste paper or waste plastic. Both waste paper and plastic are recyclable to become new products. Waste paper recycling and waste plastic recycling greatly save natural resource and protect environment. Of course, recycling business creates new job opportunities and it is quite good to the society. Printing scrap baler is the necessary compacting machine to reduce the waste size during the transporting or handling.

Different source and material of printing scrap

Any defects, deformations or misprints are the source of printing scrap. Waste paper is the result from traditional printing industry. Nowadays, 3D printing also create a bit of waste materials such as failed prints and support structures. Most of them are plastic waste. What can we do with these printing scrap? Of course, recycling is the ideal solution for both economy and environment.

Printing scrap recycling

Different material of printing scrap has different recycling process. Waste paper bales after baling are delivered to paper mills to make pulp for new paper purpose. Waste plastic prints are compacted into bales and then delivered to recycling facility. Grinding, melting and extruding are the most important steps to process plastic into new plastic products.

SINOBALER printing scrap baler

SINOBALER has a complete line of baling machines for different type of printing scraps. Whatever vertical or horizontal, manual or fully automatic, we always have the right baling machine for your options. But how to choose a right printing scrap baler? It is quite easy. Just send us your printing scrap material information, capacity requirements as well as your ideal bales size, our professional sales and engineering team will tailor your case and recommend the most suitable baler to you within one working day. Any questions about printing scrap baling, we are open to service.

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